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The secret Chinese astrology reading of choice is BaZi

The secret Chinese astrology reading of choice is BaZi

BaZi Analyzes, a sort of Chinese astrology, is based on an examination of the time and date of your birth to help you understand who you are, why things happen the way they do, and what causes any diseases or symptoms you may be experiencing, as well as how to treat them. It’s basically a time-honored ritual for mutilating one’s whole existence. Why wouldn’t you enjoy it? Even among those in the know, such as Fearne Cotton, Trinny Woodall, and Ian Wright, it is still relatively unknown in the West, making it one of the finest spirituality-based health secrets available.

Brindle is a master feng shui Singapore who lives in the area between Notting Hill and Somerset. She had the appearance and vitality of someone more than ten years younger than her 50 years. Using only the details of my birth, she paints a startlingly accurate picture of who I am and how I am currently living. A lot of the discussion about yin and yang and wood and water makes my eyes glaze over, but when we get to the zodiac animals that Chinese medicine is based on (the Taoist sages thought that people mirrored the personality qualities of animals), I perk right up.

Brindle thinks my heartburn is due to my anxiety about being stuck (I started a business last year, and now I feel like I can’t get out). In contrast, the presence of the water mouse in my horoscope indicates that I can use my wit and cunning to outwit and outmaneuver any challenge I face. “You are naturally intuitive,” Brindle said. So, follow your gut and stop second-guessing yourself. The horse’s purpose is to parade about and have fun more, so Brindle told the horse, “Be okay with being admired, shake that mane and whinny more” (though Brindle acknowledged that the last two suggestions would need some training). Because the dragon represents joy, I’ve made an extra effort to keep a positive outlook ever since I got my reading.

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